Astro Pups

AP 01 for blog.

Part of what I’m learning as a parent is that most of the conversations I am going to have for the next few years are going to be explain what “that” is, or “why”…or coming up with stories featuring a cast of stuffed animals and action figures.

I’ll be the first to admit that I am no June Cleaver. I probably lean more towards a Roseanne on most days. I have a scribbled to-do list that is a mile long, the dishes and laundry pile up, I get frazzled trying to balance work and family and I often find myself just wanting to hide under the couch cushions to get away (which wouldn’t actually work because they are usually tossed on the living room floor by mid-morning).

That said, the other thing I’m learning as a parent is what it is to be a grown-up…the grown-up that you told yourself you’d never be because THAT adult was surely never a kid.   Most days I want to answer the “what’s that” question asked for the tenth time as bluntly as possible…”It’s a puppy”…”It’s still a puppy”…but, my kid has a way of somehow always reminding me that I am not THAT grown-up yet.  On the eleventh attempt he’ll arm himself the over exaggerated “but wasssssst dat?” with the palms-up gesture to really drive the question home.  It gets me every time.

“Well, it IS a puppy.  But it’s no ordinary puppy…” , I’ll finally say.

His eyes widen and the anticipation of who this dog could really be grows.  With that, task #3 on the ‘To-Do’ list is gone from my mind.  Then, as the great hound adventure continues, you get one of those deep belly laughs out of them and a look where you just know they’re thinking about how it’s crazy it is that it took ten times of asking to get this hilarious story out of you!

So, Astro Pups came about on a weekend that the kiddo was out with dad and I had a few hours to myself to draw; and draw on one of those random moments of a random day where I tossed the never-ending grown-up list aside and told my kid a silly story about his favorite stuffed (adventurous) pup.

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